I Am Shimmering Goddess Energy



  1. You are home. All the resources you need are inside you.
  2. First thought: art. When you sit down to write, accept the first idea that comes. Trust it. Don’t spend time picking and choosing, evaluating. Notice what your first thought is and explore it deeply.
  3. Creativity is a practice, not a talent. Everyday holds many opportunities to be creative – from eating an orange to responding to someone in a new way.
  4. There are at least 13 ways of seeing. Make anything a subject of your contemplation. Let it carry you to another world.
  5. Use all your senses. Practice using the less familiar ones.
  6. There are no problems, only opportunities. Every situation, if we are present in it, is a chance to feel alive and awake. “Problems” give us adrenaline. They wake us up. We need to harness that energy.
  7. Keep moving. The creative process gives and gives. Frustration, despair, even boredom are all part of the process. Let yourself have all the emotions, but don’t get stuck. Keep moving.
  8. Work soft. Not hard. Work softly but constantly. A sustained gentleness. The experienced creator knows the importance of sustained movement and engagement from which new forms emerge.
  9. Let go of the final product! When we are only interested in the “end result,” our attention is not on the work in front of us. Our vision becomes too narrow. Concentrate on becoming immersed in what you are doing. Learn to plork deeply, learn full engagement. Let the work guide you. Then, later, practice truly seeing what you have made, without judgment.
  10. Change is…

 Creativity: Ways of Seeing
University of Baltimore